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Create it REAL 3D printing technology revolutionizes orthopaedic applications

Create it REAL, an emerging company in the field of 3D printing technology, recently presented its innovative product line for orthopaedic applications at Arab Health in Dubai. This development marks a significant step forward in the manufacture of orthopaedic products, moving away from traditional methods towards more sustainable, additive manufacturing processes.

At the heart of the product line is the “Programmable Foam” technology. This enables the production of customized insoles, seat cushions and corsets using 3D printing. Programmable Form is characterized by variable degrees of softness and hardness in order to meet specific product requirements. Unlike conventional foams, which often have to be glued together, this technology allows for seamless and precise production. The end products are breathable, washable, fire resistant and comfortable to wear.

Jacob Nissen, CEO at Create it REAL, explains:” Our seat solution is exceptionally well-suited to address some of the common challenges caused by a hot climate. Wheelchair users in traditional seats and cushions suffer from lousy ventilation and issues followed by moist skin. With Programmable Foam seats and cushions, we enable orthopedics to offer the next level of breathability for wheelchair users.”

Another focus of the technology is the production of customized insoles for diabetics. These customized insoles can prevent pressure points and thus reduce the risk of foot ulcers – an important contribution to the treatment of diabetic foot syndrome. Already 250 orthopaedic specialists in Europe are using this solution to make their production more sustainable and efficient.

“3D-printed braces are characterized by their lightweight design, comfort achieved through varying stiffness, functional advancement via meticulous thickness alterations, and precision in advanced CAD design,” as Ortholife CEO and owner Eleftherios Samiotis explains.

Create it REAL’s participation at Arab Health in Dubai underlines the growing potential of 3D printing technology in the orthopaedic industry. With its innovative solutions, the company is positioning itself as a pioneer in a sector that is increasingly turning away from traditional manufacturing methods and towards modern, sustainable and efficient additive manufacturing.

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