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Create it REAL presents new service platform at OTWorld

Additive manufacturing processes offer customized solutions for individual needs and open up new avenues in design and material selection. For many companies, however, the question arises as to which technology is the best for manufacturing their products, including in orthopaedics. To help these companies, Create it REAL will be presenting its new 3D printing service platform at OTWorld. The Denmark-based company already has many solutions for the production of orthopaedic products in its portfolio.

Traditionally, orthopaedic aids such as corrective splints are made from large-format polypropylene sheets by vacuum forming. However, by using 3D printing, these products can be adapted to integrate different stiffness zones. This improves pressure distribution and increases comfort for users. Another example is the replacement of conventional foam in applications such as seat cushions and insoles with “programmable foam”. This method not only reduces production waste by at least 90%, but also enables improved ventilation and hygiene through the targeted adjustment of hardness and softness zones.

Jacob Nissen, CEO of Create it REAL, said: “I’m truly proud of the incredible progress we’re making in transforming orthopedic care and making digital transformation approachable. By continuously innovating, we’re meeting the growing demand for personalized care and staying committed to sustainability and accessible technology. This is an exciting time for us, and really, it’s just the start. We’re eager to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this industry, ensuring that professionals and patients benefit from our technologies.”

Create it REAL’s 3D printing service, which was launched around a year ago, has seen a steady increase in demand. This service makes it possible to enter the digital transformation without a high initial investment. Customers can test the technology before purchasing their own manufacturing system or use the print-on-demand service to utilize the company’s production capacity.

Eleftherios Samiotis, CEO of Ortholife, commented: “Being the first to establish a local print hub and resell the full spectrum of Create it REAL’s innovative products has been an exciting experience. It has allowed us to lead the market in providing customized, advanced solutions that truly meet the needs of our clients.”

A user-friendly digital ordering platform is being introduced to improve customer satisfaction. This platform simplifies the ordering process and enables customers to place orders after a simple onboarding process. The aim is to minimize the complexity of the additive manufacturing process and provide solutions that can be operated by orthopaedic professionals so that they can focus on the product and not the technology.

Peter Ruijtenberg, CEO of Shapemakers, shared: “As we witness the evolving market landscape, 3D Printing emerges as a primary accelerator. Our collaboration with Create It Real marks a significant advancement. By providing innovative and scalable 3D Printing solutions, we are poised to assist our customers through the digital transition in the orthopedic field. We are excited about this journey and look forward to creating more innovative products together.”

Sustainability plays a central role in 3D printing. FDM technology reduces waste by over 90% and creates cleaner working conditions. By centralizing design and decentralizing production, operations are optimized and efficiency in delivering top-quality products is strengthened.

The strategy is to work with leading orthopaedic experts to establish local print service hubs equipped with the latest 3D printing technology. This promotes local economies and supports a commitment to sustainability.

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