Home Industry CRP Technology presents space-grade 3D printing materials at the Space-Comm Expo

CRP Technology presents space-grade 3D printing materials at the Space-Comm Expo

CRP Technology, a pioneer in additive manufacturing, will showcase its expertise in 3D printing at Space-Comm Expo 2024, highlighting its role as an innovation leader in the aerospace industry. The company, known for its Windform range of composite materials developed specifically for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), is taking to the stage for the first time at this prestigious event.

A key element of the innovation that CRP Technology is driving is the Windform materials. Five of these materials have passed NASA and ESA’s rigorous outgassing tests, a testament to their suitability for use in space. These tests are crucial to ensure material compatibility in the sensitive environment of space.

Participation at Space-Comm Expo, taking place on March 6 and 7, 2024 at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, will allow CRP Technology to showcase its advanced 3D printing solutions to a wide audience of professionals. Visitors to stand D7 will be able to view the wide range of space-grade components produced using Windform materials.

Franco Cevolini, CEO and CTO of CRP Technology, commented on the significance of additive manufacturing technologies in small satellite applications, stating, “Additive manufacturing technologies offer both opportunities and challenges to engineers and scientists in the field. While the ability to produce parts and components using these technologies holds promise in both metals and plastics, the most significant breakthroughs in recent years have been with thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced composites.

Our Windform range of materials, specifically designed for laser sintering process, plays a crucial role in this advancement. Originally developed for the motorsport industry, the twelve materials in the Windform range are now making strides in applications such as UAS, CubeSats, PocketQubes, and other space exploration endeavors. Our partner company, CRP USA, has been instrumental in pioneering this sector, overcoming numerous challenges and contributing to the success of space missions with 3D printing and Windform materials. We have learned invaluable lessons from CRP USA, and today, we are proud to be one of the most trusted 3D printing services for space-ready parts.”

Space-Comm Expo provides CRP Technology with a platform to showcase the latest developments and applications of its materials. The company’s successful application of 3D printing technologies and Windform materials in the space industry underscores the transformative power of additive manufacturing. CRP Technology and its partner company CRP USA have already overcome numerous space challenges with their innovative solutions, contributing to the success of space missions.

This presentation at Space-Comm Expo demonstrates CRP Technology’s commitment to advancing the aerospace industry and reinforces the company’s position as a trusted partner for space-grade 3D printing solutions.

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