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Dr. Brent Stucker at Rapid.Tech 3D: Opportunities and challenges for German companies

The 3D printing industry, also known as additive manufacturing, is experiencing continuous growth worldwide. This was made clear by Dr. Brent Stucker, a renowned technology strategist from Wohlers Associates, during his presentation at Rapid.Tech 3D in Erfurt. He pointed out that German companies are particularly well positioned to benefit from this development.

Currently, the additive manufacturing market is worth more than 20 billion US dollars and represents only 0.13 percent of global manufacturing output. However, experts expect that this figure could rise to over 90 billion dollars by 2033, even if this represents less than one percent of global production. Stucker believes that a market share of up to ten percent could be realistic, a prospect that presents both challenges and significant opportunities for German technology providers and machine manufacturers. Stucker recommended that investment in the development of AM machines, materials and applications should be stepped up now.

Stucker, who has over three decades of experience in additive manufacturing and has worked as a co-founder and manager of well-known 3D printing companies and as founding chairman of the international standards commission ASTM, has made a significant contribution to the annual Wohlers Report. Wohlers Associates from the USA is an independent analysis and consulting company with many years of experience in this specialist field.

The 20th edition of Rapid.Tech 3D, which is taking place in Erfurt until tomorrow, offers insights into the latest developments in the industry. Almost one hundred exhibitors from ten different countries will be showcasing their innovations. The last day of the trade congress will focus on the applications of 3D printing in mobility, energy and hydrogen technology. The Fraunhofer Competence Center for Additive Manufacturing will also be presenting its current research progress.

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