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Dyeformer – 3DChimera presents solution for coloring SLS parts

3DChimera announced the release of, Dyeformer, an innovative and affordable solution for dyeing white or gray selective laser sintered (SLS) parts black. After noticing an obvious gap in the market for an accessible and consistent method to dye traditionally white or gray powder bed fusion 3D printed Nylon PA12 parts, 3DChimera set out to develop their own, in-house.

Several years of development and refinement later, the 3DChimera Dyeformer is now available to purchase. In comparison to similar set-ups, its $3,999 price tag is significantly lower than its competitors who sell machines ranging from $15,000 – $60,000. Those who did not wish to spend that kind of capital, were left utilizing a four dollar bottle of rit dye, a mug of hot water and a prayer. The 3DChimera Dyeformer takes the unknowns out of traditional DIY methods while guaranteeing ease of use with its one-button operation, consistency of color and saturation, and reliability.

“The Dyeformer was designed to take the guesswork out of dyeing parts. We are able to guarantee that results are consistent and repeatable every time”, shared 3DChimera owner, Alex Hussain.

This new system comes fully equipped with everything needed to start dyeing Nylon PA12 parts, and the dye solution can be reused for up to 30 days. Currently, the custom dye is available only in black, but more colors are in beta-stage testing with plans to release in early 2023.

Find out more about 3DChimera at 3dchimera.com.

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