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Dyndrite announces support for HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) and Metal Jet 3D printers

Software developer Dyndrite announces support for HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) and Metal Jet 3D printers.

The new 3D print preparation software offers powerful features for serial production and is aimed at direct and contract manufacturers. Features include automated build preparation from multi-gigabyte mesh files or native CAD data, as well as fully controllable 2D and 3D labeling. Interested users can currently sign up for the beta version via the Early Adopter Program.

“From the outset Dyndrite’s goal has been to usher in a new era of serial production in AM,” said Stephen Anderson, Strategic Relations, Dyndrite. “Our direct support for HP Multi Jet Fusion and Metal Jet now avails the most production oriented users in AM with software capable of accelerating their production capabilities and throughput. We look forward to working with Multi Jet and Metal Jet users to solve their toughest serial production challenges.”

Dyndrite software for MJF, based on Dyndrite’s Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE), gives HP’s direct and contract manufacturers unprecedented capabilities and control over the MJF manufacturing process. It offers long-awaited enterprise capabilities that help industrial users speed production, increase repeatability and improve traceability. Users can now work with large multi-gigabyte files, leverage native CAD files and their associated metadata to enable automation, and fine-tune advanced 2D and 3D nesting as well as part serialization and QR code labeling. Automated build preparation eliminates human error.

“HP is excited that Dyndrite has announced support for HP’s 3D printing ecosystem for both polymers and metals,” said Arvind Rangarajan, Global Head Software and Data, Personalization and 3D Printing at HP Inc. “HP 3D printing customers will now have the option of using Dyndrite to create and submit print jobs.“

Dyndrite offers native machine connectivity and full HP file plugin support. In addition, Dyndrite’s native Python APIs enable data integration with a variety of databases and third-party apps, including AMFG, to improve part ordering, job submission and reporting.

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