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ezepio, the new 3d-marketplace

ezepio is a new online marketplace for 3D models and 3D printing services. The marketplace also offers a number of other interesting features. Talented 3D modelers can use ezepio to do business with their 3D models.

ezepio covers all areas of three-dimensional modelling for buyers, sellers and service providers. ezepio also offers a vast model data base, contract works, 3D manufacturing services and traditional artwork.

ezepio offers the following:
The model data base contains models from all categories: free models, models to buy, and model data in all standard formats. You can also upload your own 3D model files.

In the area of 3D manufacturing services, you can offer 3D printing, 3D laser engraving, 3D cutting and your expert knowledge. You can also find service providers for printing out 3D objects. For contract works, it is possible to implement ideas of 3D designers, scan real objects, make models to scale or apply for contract works.

The artwork area aims at artists who create sculptures, make artwork out of stone, plaster, clay, metal, and other materials, or create replicas of artwork. Artists can also offer unique masterpieces on the 3D marketplace.

ezepio also offers special search functions for providers of manufacturing services along with a market for requests for proposals. The market for requests for proposals is meant for contract works and services. There is free membership, a safe payment system, and transparent business transactions for the party making an offer. ezepio only charges a commission of 18% of the sales price.

Earn money with ezepio
Create your own 3D models, upload the model data on ezepio and offer them for sale or as a free download. All kinds of 3D models, e.g. replacement parts such as volume controls, can be found and printed. If you are a 3D designer or provide 3D scanning services, you can also apply for possible contracts.

If you are an artist, you can offer your finished models or offer your services for customized artwork. With the help of digitization, model data of artwork can be replicated and offered using different manufacturing processes.

You can find ezepio at www.ezepio.com

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