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FarmBot: 3D Printed Garden Robot

Entrepreneur and developer Rory Aronson and his team are working on the first open source CNC garden robot. The machine uses 3D printed parts and makes it possible to control your garden like a computer game.

In their first version, The Sims and Sim City had a huge success but at the same time Sim Farmer was not successful at all. It seems like nobody is interested in planting virtual plants – but then there was Farmville. Millions of users have played the planning simulator through Facebook. The developers of FarmBot do without virtual plants at all but they allow you to work with real plants like a game with virtual plants.

FarmBot uses a similar mechanic as some of the cheaper cnc mills or 3D printers. The tool mount is moved over the garden (of cause it has different tools mounted). On the electrical side the machine uses a RaspberryPi that controls an Arduino with Ramps 1.4 shield. Power supply can be over the regular electricity network or with a solar panel and a buffer battery.

Besides laser cut parts there are different 3D printed parts. For example the tools and the tool mount is 3D printed with plastic. If you want you can also customize some parts of the projects for your own requirements because the whole project is open source and available on GitHub. You can buy all needs parts as an kit – the official start for sale is planned for the 1st July 2016.

More information about the current status of the project is available on the website of the project.

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