Home Applications & Case Studies First arrest after illegal 3D-printed weapons found in Switzerland

First arrest after illegal 3D-printed weapons found in Switzerland

An arrest was recently made in Switzerland for the first time in connection with illegally manufactured weapons from 3D printers. This is according to Swiss media reports.

During a house search of a suspected drug dealer in the canton of St. Gallen, the police came across several 3D printers. These were apparently used to produce brass knuckles. The rings found were probably intended for sale, according to the investigators.

The manufacture and sale of weapons using 3D printing is generally a criminal offense in Switzerland. However, according to experts, it is relatively easy for criminals to find instructions on the internet for building such “ghost weapons” that do not have to be registered.

In recent years, 3D-printed knives or deceptively real toy guns have occasionally been found in Switzerland. However, the current case in St. Gallen is a first, according to the police.

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