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The first fully integrated smart club at CES 2017

CRP Group and CRP USA return to CES® (Las Vegas, NV, January 5th – 8th) for the second year in a row with Energica Motor Company INC. (the US division of Energica Motor Company S.p.A.)and they are ready to leave the attendees saying “whoa”.

CRP Group and CRP USA will be showcasing their innovations, which this year includes the World Premiere of the first fully integrated golf smart club made with Windform Additive Manufacturing and Titanium CNC machined by CRP Group for Krone Golf.

Imagine a Driver with dual 9-axis motion sensor, Launch Monitor, and a Professional Instructor seamlessly integrated as one – a golf club so smart that it can detect inefficiencies in a player’s swing through an app that results in measurable improvements: that is the Golf Smart Club by CRP Group and Krone.

The Smart Club will be released worldwide in 2017. CES attendees are welcome to drop by Booth # 42909, Tech West – Sands Expo Halls A-D, to discover the sensor golf club’s functional prototype made from 100% Windform Advanced materials for 3D printing. The golf club’s functional prototype incorporates motion sensors embedded in the head and grip, and it is ready for “practice swing”. All components were digitally manufactured by CRP Technology (CRP Group’s 3D printing specialized division).

The app will be able to show that the sensors are active and taking data in real-time.

At CES will be also presented KD-1, the world’s most advanced and functional golf driver in Windform SP Advanced material with precision CNC machined Titanium hitting surface. The KD-1 has been launched few months ago.

The K D-1 is a functional golf club, also made in collaboration with Krone Golf.

Additive manufacturing techniques, along with the use of Windform, have also improved the speed, precision, design, flexibility and part optimization. By next month, the K D-1 will have been swung over 2,000 times, proving its strength and durability.

CRP Group and CRP USA will also exhibit the latest 3D printed end-use and prototype parts built from the Windform family of high-performance composite materials and cutting-edge solutions made with direct metal laser sintering technology.

Energica Motor Company INC. will showcase the newborn streetfighter Energica Eva: top-of-the-line components, high-technology and fast charge on board.

Come discover this amazing Italian high-tech corner at CES 2017, booth #42909 TECH WEST, SANDS EXPO, LEVEL 2, HALLS A-D

CRP Group, CRP USA and Energica Motor Company INC. spokespeople available:

Livia Cevolini, CRP Group Marketing & Sales Director and Energica Motor Company INC. CEO

Carlo Iacovini, Energica Motor Company INC. Marketing Director

Stewart Davis, CRP USA Director of Operations

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CRP Group

Die Gruppe CRP hat ihren Sitz in Modena, in Italiens Motor Valley. Es ist das Gebiet, in dem die renommiertesten Firmen der internationalen Motorszene beheimatet sind.
Die Gruppe besteht aus CRP Engineering, CRP Meccanica, CRP Service, CRP Technology und CRP USA. Alle Unternehmen besitzen eine weltweit führende Stellung auf Märkten, in denen Individualisierung und Hightech ein wichtiger Aspekt sind. Es sind die Branchen für Motorsport, Automotive, Design, Raumfahrt, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Nautik, Entertainment und Packaging.
Die Gruppe CRP zeichnet sich durch ihre Erfahrung in der Anwendung folgender Technologien aus:
– Additive Fertigung und 3D-Druck
– Entwicklung, Produktion und Verkauf von Materialien für Lasersintern und 3D-Druck Windform
– CNC-Präzisionsbearbeitungen
– Direct Metal Laser Sintering und Electron Beam Melting
– Rapid Casting