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Flexible 3D Printing Resin by DruckWege

DruckWege Develops Flexible Resin for 3D Printers – New DLP and DUP Resin: DruckWege Type D PRO Flex

Our new UV resin DruckWege Type D PRO Flex allows the printing of models with the requirements for high bending loads. The flexible UV resin convinces with a lower E-Modulus than the PRO series or the standard Type D resins, which show a higher bending stiffness. The material works on DLP and DUP devices.

PRO Flex is a Functional Resin for Special Uses

As a result, our PRO resins already show higher flex properties, but the Type D PRO Flex allows even more bending and elongation at a slow back formation to its original form. This makes the resins extremely robust and enables a higher force absorption. Different than the standard Type D Resins, the surface of our Flex Resin is softer and less hard.

Type D PRO Flex in Action

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