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Generation 3D complete largest 3D printed interior design project in the world

One of the UAE’s leading 3D printing companies, Generation 3D, has completed the largest 3D printed fit-out project of its kind globally. Generation 3D have completed the 15,000 pieces 3D printed ceiling to Sushi Samba Dubai. The restaurant is located at the summit of the new St Regis hotel on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai and is already creating shockwaves through the hospitality industry. The bamboo looking ceiling consists of over 2 km of 3D printed parts.

“Our partners came to us with an incredibly complex bamboo structure that simply couldn’t be created in any other way and wanted to explore the possibility of 3D printing it, mentioned Co-founder Dominic Wright “We looked at the design and whilst it was daunting at first, once we broke the project down we knew we would execute and deliver”.

The project which consisted of over 15,000 separate parts was a challenge because of the volume and complexity Co-Founder Max Reynard explained “Not only was the sheer volume of printing a challenge, designing and organising the complex array of parts, which then needed to be handed to our post-processing and assembly teams had to be faultless ”.

The roof has become the main attraction at the opening of Sushi Samba Dubai and is receiving rave reviews from guests and industry insiders alike.

“Our teams had to redesign the project, then break it down into a manageable workflow for the other divisions included in the project. We had 50 3D printers printing 24 hours a day” Said Max Reynard on the challenges of manufacturing challenges Generation 3D faced “All raw parts were then finished and completed at our in house facility and checked to ensure consistency across all parts”.

The Sushi Samba restaurant is already open for business. This project is in line with Dubai’s ambitions to have 25% of all buildings 3D printed by 2030.

Co-founder Dominic Wright commented on this adding “we see ourselves as global leaders in the 3D printing for interiors space and will do all we can to accelerate adoption in the region and globally as it has so much potential for interior designers and thinkers out there”

The 3D printed ceiling has already been nominated for various 3D printing and interior design awards around the world.

About Generation 3D Products Design Services LLC
Generation 3D specialise in 3D printing, 3D design and Additive Manufacturing ranging from small to large scale projects. Recognized as one of the world’s leading 3D printing services that cater to architectural, engineering, and design projects across the world from the HQ in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With a range of 20+ highly skilled professionals trained to operate state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to produce the most intricate projects. We also have manufacturing hubs in the UK (Brackley) as well as the USA (Indianapolis) and opening a new office shortly in Saudi Arabia

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