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Georgia Tech buys Exaddon µAM CERES Printing Aystem for Additive Microfabrication Research

Exaddon announced that the Georgia Tech Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) has purchased one of its CERES µAM printing systems for its micro/nano manufacturing facility. With more than 2,800 m2 of cleanroom space, Georgia Tech has one of the largest academic nanotechnology research facilities in the southeastern United States.

Research teams can now use CERES to 3D print pure metal structures directly on micron-scale pre-patterned chip surfaces. This enables the hybrid fabrication of devices using both µAM and photolithographic processes.

Exaddon CEO Edgar Hepp had the following to say about the Georgia Tech sale: “I believe the CERES system acquisition is a fantastic move by Georgia Tech to expand its already impressive array of microelectronic and nanotechnology capabilities, and it underlines its commitment to advancing research in this area. With CERES, research teams can take the next step and print highly conductive metal structures in shapes that are impossible with other technologies. Printing directly on pre-patterned chip surfaces with CERES as part of a process integrated with lithography opens up fantastic research opportunities in semiconductor contacting and repair, MEMS packaging, and more. We look forward to seeing the exciting developments that will doubtless come from this.”

With increasing demand for higher performance electronic devices, CERES offers new opportunities to enable research, manufacturing and testing of ever smaller components.

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