Home Applications & Case Studies HAVENLABS Provides 3D Printed Prosthetics for Disabled Veterans

HAVENLABS Provides 3D Printed Prosthetics for Disabled Veterans

New York-based HAVENLABS is a non-profit organisation founded by engineers, programmers and thinkers, to design custom 3D printed prosthetics for American veterans.

Following the purchase of a 3D printer and months of designing their latest model Utility Gaunlet, they have launched a GoFundMe campaign to get $ 15,000 to support their endeavour to “create a better future for those who sacrificed so much for both our freedom and our country”.

Utility Gauntlet is a prosthetic designed for upper limb amputees and has various attachments that can be inserted and removed, allowing them to write, eat and even drive. The 3D printed elastic bands make it easy for the wearer to slip it on or off. HAVENLABS explains that using 3D printing technology enables them to create the prosthetic for only $ 10.


The design will so soon be open source an available to anyone through their website. The funding will go towards the purchase of a SCANIFY 3D scanner to exactly fit the prothesis to the amputee’s limb, a Form 2 desktop SLA 3D printer as well as to materials. You can support their campaign here.

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