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Helsinki Music Center presents organ with 3D-printed pipes

In the heart of Helsinki, the music center Musiikkitalo sets new standards in the world of classical music. The latest attraction is an organ from the renowned manufacturer Rieger Orgelbau. The special feature: the pipes are made from a 3D-printed, wood-based biocomposite. This technology embodies a synthesis of traditional craftsmanship and modern production, whereby the organ has 124 sound stops and a total of 260 meters of sound and wind pipes.

The production of the organ is a prime example of international cooperation. The biocomposite manufactured by UPM in Finland was shipped to Burgos in Spain, 3D printed there and then transported to Rieger Orgelbau in Austria for final assembly. After completion, the organ was dismantled, shipped to Helsinki and reassembled in the concert hall of the music center.

The material used not only enables precise and flexible production, but also contributes to sustainability. By minimizing waste during production and making the biocomposite 100% recyclable, the project contributes to environmental protection. The unique acoustic properties of the material also improve the sound of the organ.

Kaisa Näreranta, Managing Director of the Helsinki Music Centre Foundation, emphasizes the visual and acoustic significance of the new organ. UPM underlines its commitment to the arts by supporting the project and naming the pipes.

The organ’s inauguration ceremony is planned for New Year 2024, with renowned concert organist Olivier Latry leading the audience through the musical and technological splendor of the instrument.

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