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HILOS realizes 3D-printed shoe design by Ancuta Sarca

Ancuta Sarca designed a 3D-printed luxury shoe for HILOS. According to the company, it is the first 3D-printed shoe with heels. Nylon was combined with softer TPU for the shoes.

The outstanding feature of this collection is the first 3D-printed heel, which combines hard nylon materials with soft TPU in a single assembly. This innovation opens up a whole new range of design possibilities without compromising the performance and comfort that 3D printing promises.

In addition to the bold and modern style of the footwear line, this launch also demonstrated the speed of the new HILOS Studio platform, which allowed the project to go from initial conversation to launch in just four months.

Highsnobiety: “Although there are no new Swoosh silhouettes this season, there is room for a selection of 3D-printed minimalist sandals that arrive in vibrant red and blue made in partnership with HILOS Studio, recognized for bridging advanced technology with eco-conscious craftsmanship.

“These are the first shoes that are made by blending two printed materials,” said Sarca. “They work on a zero waste process, where they create everything digitally. So there is no waste.”

The event, hosted by Ancuta Sarca and HILOS at The Hoxton with Culted as host, showcased not only the latest footwear creations, but also the commitment of those involved to sustainability and innovation in fashion. This collaboration highlights the potential of 3D printing to transform traditional manufacturing methods while maintaining environmental responsibility.

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