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iGo3D Announces New Phase of Its Business Development

As already known, Michael Sorkin, the co-founder of iGo3D, switched to the SLA printer manufacturer Formlabs to support the top management level to promote the expansion of the EU area. Tobias Redlin continues as CEO of iGo3D.

In 2013, Michael Sorkin and Tobias Redlin founded the company iGo3D and opened Germany’s first specialist shop for 3D printing. iGo3D could continuous acquire innovative products, expand the distribution network and build a strong team through Michael´s engagement. Michael´s expertise was fundamental for the success of the company in the last 2 years, which now operates all over Europe in the 3D printing industry with a team of 50 employees.

It was a great experience to shape 3D printing with iGo3D in the last two years. The brand has become very strong and is interesting for all manufacturers of 3D printing products as a platform for presentation, promotion and sales, both online and in retail. Resell and retail partners are coming to us for advise and customized retail solutions in order to bring added value to their customers.“, said Sorkin.

The switch from iGo3D to Formlabs is a new phase of the business development in the company. Through the work of Michael Sorkin a powerful and experienced team arose, which is going to strength the iGo3D brand. Sorkin will continue to work as a partner and consultant of the company to write another chapter in the success story.

I am starting the new challenge at Formlabs with the knowledge that my duties at iGo3D are taken over by the strong team we built up in those 2 years since we started. The challenge at Formlabs gives me the opportunity to shape 3D printing from the perspective of a manufacturer with the experiences I gained at iGo3D, this should end up eventually in the best possible user experience that 3DP users can have. This is my passion and mission statement. “, added Sorkin.

Thus, nothing will change for the consumers, except for the solid growth of physical stores, where consumers can test the defined product portfolio from the iGo3D brand and also have access to specially trained staff who will provide comprehensive advice in all the products.

The website will be expanded to a central contact point for people who are interested in 3D printing industry and will provide added value in the future not only for beginners but also for 3D printing experienced. In September a new forum starts where people can share their experiences with 3d printing. Altogether iGo3D.com will become an information and counseling center. The distribution will be separated from the brand.

In the 2 years since the founding of iGo3D, desktop 3D Printing has evolved from a start-up scene business where people and visions were key to a strong brand and success, to a more mature business in which quality and hard facts are the most important thing. That’s why we feel comfortable for the future challenges, as we have built a strong team of people who are able to develop the company further and further. “, said CEO, Tobias Redlin.
As also announced iGo3D will continue to dedicate the strategic positioning on the retail market, the consolidation of the distribution network, the expansion of shop-in-shop systems and other retail solutions. In addition, international expansion shall advance further and the company´s market position will be strengthened.

We shall take the chance of this change in order to take iGo3D to the next level, which will lead to the maximum advantage for customers and people interested in 3DP. We have a lot of projects, which will lead to more added value online and in our retail solutions. Our international expansion will continue, as we are closing agreements with additional partners in order to strengthen our European growth, and we are still on the look-out for partners in Europe and abroad.“, explained Redlin.

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