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iMakr to Host Desktop 3D Printing Show at Store in London

UK-based 3D printing retailer iMakr is going to host the Desktop 3D Printing Show at its store in London, taking place on March 3rd from 3pm to 9pm.

“3D printing has come a long way since the hype began in 2000’s. Now that the dust has settled on the industry, the way has cleared for real innovators to blaze a new trail“, iMakr writes. They have selected a group of these innovators to showcase their 3D technology products, among them FDM, SLA, DLP and food 3D printers as well as 3D scanners and materials:

  • High Speed Printing : Carbon3D-like Gizmo 3D printer and DeltaWASP Turbo
  • High End Material Printing : Rokit’s 3dison AEP Ultem 9085 Printer
  • High Definition 3D Scanners : HP Sprout, EinScan and Fuel3D
  • SLA/DLP Printers : B9Creator and MiiCraft +
  • Food 3D Printing : ChocEdge 3D Printers


While in the evening of March 2nd pioneers in 3D printing will gather to discuss the lastest advances, the store will be open to the public for The Desktop 3D Printing Show the following day. You can register for your free ticket here.

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