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IN-VISION presents versatile light module with microscope function

The Austrian optics specialist IN-VISION Technologies AG has presented a high-precision solution that is compatible with many optical systems and supports innovations by researchers and developers in the field of structured light. The HELIOPORA projection system enables resolutions of up to 300 nanometers.

“Imagine a UV light projector that exposes structures with the highest precision and at the same time enables analysis of what is exposed,” explains Florian Zangerl, CEO of IN-VISION. HELIOPORA is an ideal tool for cyber and optogenetics research, where high-resolution imaging and perfect uniformity are crucial for analyzing genetic data and biological structures.

The system offers native 2K resolution and an image size of 0.5 to 5 mm diagonal. It combines the precision and reliability of an industrial UV projector with a wide range of objectives – from 300 nm to 160 μm. Uniform illumination and minimal distortion are achieved thanks to the industrial projector. The wavelength can be freely selected using different light sources. As a modular system, components such as the lens and camera can be replaced. Virtually unlimited power of up to 16W in the working area is possible, as is fiber bundle coupling.

IN-VISION Technologies AG develops and manufactures high-precision optical systems for industrial applications. The company is based in Guntramsdorf, south of Vienna, Austria. The world’s leading DLP UV projectors are mainly used for additive manufacturing, bioprinting, 3D metrology and lithography applications. Production takes place exclusively at the site in Austria, with two research and development departments located in Austria and Boston, USA.

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