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InfinitForm presents AI co-pilot for production design

Following a development phase in stealth mode, InfinitForm has now presented its software. This promises to transform the design process for manufacturing. This software enables mechanical engineers to set new standards for speed, efficiency and performance through extensive GPU-accelerated design simulation and optimization tools, enhanced collaboration features and an intuitive user interface. InfinitForm received seed funding led by Schematic Ventures in December 2023 and has quickly evolved from a beta version to a commercial product.

The current design-for-manufacturing process is characterized by siloed workflows, complex processes and time-consuming procedures. These processes can take weeks to months, require numerous expensive software tools and highly skilled personnel with extensive coordination. InfinitForms software reduces these complex procedures to a matter of minutes.

The platform integrates seamlessly into existing workflows and offers engineers and manufacturers unparalleled capabilities. From concept development to production, users benefit from advanced GenAI design, simulation and optimization tools, streamlined collaboration features and a user-friendly interface, all aimed at accelerating product development.

“At InfinitForm, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Dr. Michael Bogomolny, Founder and CEO of InfinitForm. “Our mission is to empower engineers with the tools they need to innovate and excel. With this new software platform, we’re not just facilitating product development; we’re revolutionizing it.”

“We are thrilled to lead the seed round for InfinitForm. I have known Michael for a long time and there is no better team to tackle this problem. I am incredibly excited about the unlimited potential of this new technology.” said Julian Counihan, General Partner of Schematic Ventures.

InfinitForms software offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing the design-for-manufacturing process. By integrating advanced technologies and user-friendly functions, it sets new standards in product development and enables engineers to work more efficiently and creatively.

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