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Introducing Roboze ARGO Subscription Plan

Innovative 3D printing company offers exclusive opportunity to get high performing ARGO 500 on shop floor, plus key services and support

ROBOZE, Inc. is committed to printing a bigger picture through re-shoring production, reducing warehousing costs and shipping by introducing a first-of-its kind subscription-based plan across Europe and America. The all-inclusive subscription fee offers selected members access to the ARGO 500—the company’s precise, high-performing Production Additive Solution for Super polymers and composites—along with key services and support.

The Roboze vision is to decentralize additive manufacturing during a time when the world needs it most. COVID-19 unveiled production gaps in the current global supply chain as parts are produced in central location and shipped all over the world. With high demand for metal replacement applications across multiple industries, there is an urgent need to bring manufacturing back to the point of use and this transition cannot be postponed. Not only will manufacturing on-demand and on-premise reduce lead time but will also help reduce the impact of C02 emissions.

Now is the time to re-shore production and return manufacturing to the point of use,” said Roboze Founder and CEO, Alessio Lorusso. “Supply Chain shortages during COVID-19 only further amplified this explicit need.  Reshoring production will enable companies to grow their in-house additive manufacturing capabilities and engineering skills. The Subscription program allows us to support innovators who share our vision—together, with our customers and partners, we can shape the next era of manufacturing. The Roboze technology is the change we have all been looking – and hoping – for.”


Along with the opportunity to have the Argo 500 machine on their shop floor, once approved, subscribers will have access to engineering services and support, materials, design for additive services, and cloud software updates. Adopting this high-end, best-in-class technology into your business enables you to focus on production while Roboze takes care about everything else.

To make our vision a reality, we must take a comprehensive approach,” said Lorusso. “The most important element is to help customers drive their business through expanding their knowledge in materials science, CAD design for additive manufacturing, and more. We just don’t provide a machine. We help our partners and customers master the technology in order to become experts in their world of business.”

The program is already active and customizable based on customers’ needs and requirements. Designed for the most innovative companies in the world, approved customers will have Subscription options:  Silver, Gold and Premium. For additional information, please visit ROBOZE website.


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