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IperionX and Vegas Fastener plan co-production of titanium fasteners for the US Army

IperionX Limited and Vegas Fastener Manufacturing have entered into a partnership to design and manufacture titanium alloy fasteners and precision components utilizing IperionX’s state-of-the-art titanium products.

Vegas Fastener, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance fasteners and custom components. The company serves diverse industries, including defense, marine and power generation, and will now work with IperionX to develop fasteners and components specifically for the U.S. Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC).

Associate Director U.S. DEVCOM Ground Vehicle Materials Engineering, Brandon N. Pender, said, “We see the combination of advanced manufacturing and titanium as an opportunity to both improve corrosion protection and reduce the weight of Army ground vehicles. Therefore, any partnership we can form to make titanium more affordable, as could be the case with IperionX, is of great value to us. The potential to produce titanium with all its capabilities at a price competitive with aluminum and steel helps us improve the operational capability and readiness of Army ground systems.”

The GVSC’s research and development work focuses on key areas such as robotics, autonomy and energy efficiency. The use of titanium offers significant advantages, such as improved corrosion protection and weight reduction, which increases the mobility and operational readiness of military ground vehicles.

President of Vegas Fastener Manufacturing, Marty Goeree, said, “Vegas Fastener has over 25 years of manufacturing experience and specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of high performance, corrosion resistant fasteners. Our customers GE, Boeing and leading U.S. marine companies such as General Dynamics, Newport News, Electric Boat and BAE rely on Vegas Fastener Manufacturing to provide the highest quality precision engineered fasteners for their critical and performance-intensive applications. Through our partnership with IperionX, we will jointly develop and produce innovative fasteners for demanding markets that require high strength, light weight and superior corrosion resistance.”

The partnership between IperionX and Vegas Fastener not only represents a strategic alliance in the manufacture of titanium fasteners, but also an important step towards improved sustainability and efficiency in production. By using IperionX’s innovative near net shape titanium and spherical titanium powder for additive manufacturing processes, optimal material utilization and energy efficiency is achieved.

IperionX CEO Anastasios (Taso) Arima stated, “IperionX is pleased to partner with Vegas Fastener in the design and manufacture of precision titanium fasteners for the defense, automation, oil and gas, aerospace, chemical and marine markets, including U.S. Army ground vehicles. Combining the strengths and expertise of Vegas Fastener and IperionX will create innovative solutions for customers and strengthen the independence of American industry.”

This new alliance promises to push the technological boundaries in titanium fastener manufacturing and provide exemplary solutions for the industry.

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