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Iris van Herpen presents the first 3D-printed wedding dress

Dutch avant-garde designer Iris van Herpen has unveiled a wedding dress that is causing a stir with its innovative use of 3D printing. At the wedding of Brazilian lawyer Mariana Pavani on May 11 in São Paulo, the bride wore the world’s first 3D-printed wedding dress.

The special feature of van Herpen’s creation is the seamless integration of the 3D-printed elements into the dress. The upper body area and the neckline consist of a filigree, net-like structure that was created using 3D printing. “There are no seams. Something like this would not be possible with conventional cutting techniques,” explained van Herpen.

The manufacturing process was extremely complex. First, a 3D body scan of Pavani was carried out. Then several fittings of the hand-pleated base dress were carried out. Finally, the 3D printed elements, which were manufactured in Paris, had to be precisely connected to the fabric.

“The data size of the 3D design was 216.7 MB. It took 41 hours to print it,” says van Herpen. Despite the high technical effort, the result had a strong emotional impact. “It was one of those moments when she started crying when she put on the dress. It was so magical,” enthused the designer.

For Pavani, the dress was a dream come true: “I really wanted an extraordinary, unique dress that incorporated 3D printing.” She emphasized the close collaboration with van Herpen’s team, who made her wishes come true.

Van Herpen emphasized that modern 3D printing materials such as the flexible nylon polymer used have very high wearing properties. The prejudices against 3D printing in fashion are outdated. “With today’s materials and flexibilities, it’s super comfortable,” said the designer.

Although the dress is groundbreaking, Pavani plans to exhibit it after the wedding – as a work of art in her home. For her and her husband, the wedding dress is “a masterpiece”.

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