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JINGYE Additive Manufacturing gets more Industrial 3D Printers from Eplus3D

Chinese 3D printing service provider JINGYE Additive Manufacturing has added two “ultra-large class” metal PBF machines, EP-M1550 and EP-M1250, from EPlus3D to its product range.

One of the biggest challenges in metal 3D printing technology so far has been the limited size of printed components, which is mainly determined by the build volume of the printing devices. With the introduction of the EP-M1550, the world’s most advanced metal PBF machine in this size range, this innovative machine offers a maximum print size of 1558 x 1558 x 1200 mm. Equipped with 16 lasers (optionally expandable to 25 lasers), it uses advanced laser positioning and stitching technologies to ensure precise control for large format printing. The EP-M1550 can process a wide range of materials and is particularly suitable for the direct production of large-format, high-precision and high-performance components in the aerospace and other industries.

JINGYE Additive Manufacturing, a global leader in the additive manufacturing sector that integrates professional R&D, production and sales of high-quality metal powder, laser cladding and 3D printing services, has integrated advanced metal 3D printers as part of its early manufacturing adoption strategy. Since the advent of MPBF’s multi-laser metal 3D printers, there has been a growing demand for large-format and high-capacity additive manufacturing machines in the market. With parts that are up to 1 m or even larger. With the emergence and maturity of large format metal 3D printers in recent years, the new systems are suitable for the high demands of large format manufacturing worldwide.

The introduction of the EP-M1550 and EP-M1250 metal PBF machines from Eplus3D is revolutionizing the field of large format metal 3D printing. With an unprecedented build envelope, advanced laser technology, versatile metal material processing and exceptional precision and quality, the EP-M1550 and EP-M1250 expand the possibilities in the world of metal additive manufacturing. Eplus3D continues to innovate in this field and is establishing itself as a leader in the rapidly evolving world of metal 3D printing.

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