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K fair 2013: EOS presents e-Manufacturing solutions for toolmaking and industry applications

EOS, the German market and technology leader for design-driven, integrated e-Manufacturing solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM), will be presenting current solutions for tool making and industrial production at K 2013. The world’s leading trade fair for plastics and rubber takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany, from the 16th to the 23rd October 2013. EOS will present its current systems and solutions, both in the plastics sector, for diverse industrial applications, and in the metals arena, for tool making using injection molding. Also present on the EOS Stand E23 in Hall 2 will be the Czech company Innomia as well as Pôle Européen Plasturgie (PEP) from France who will be showing its sector specific solutions.

“The K trade fair is an ideal platform for showing our current and future applications for e-manufacturing. We are seeing a consistently high demand across the established fields of production. At the same time we are continually moving into new areas and discovering new possibilities for manufacturing”, says Adrian Keppler, Managing Director, Strategy and Business Development, at EOS. “In Dusseldorf, amongst other things, we’ll be introducing existing reference projects which attest to the functional benefits and cost advantages of additive manufacturing. The focus of the presentation will be tool making and applications for industry, both key areas for EOS.“

Two Central Themes at K 2013
In line with the main theme of the fair, EOS will demonstrate – by way of the FORMIGA P 110 – a plastics processing system. Using the solution’s predecessor model, EOS partner firm Kuhn-Stoff developed a bronchial-grip with integrated functionality for Wittmann Robot Systeme GmbH, based in Nuremberg, Germany. This particular application of the technology is being presented in detail by EOS at the K trade fair. Visitors will be shown the advantages, such as the small number of parts required, the reduced production time, and the cost savings. The weight reduction is also an important factor in this area.

“The freedom of design offers significant advantages that can provide our customers with competitive advantages which really set them apart from the field”, confirms Hannes Kuhn, Managing Director at Kuhn-Stoff GmbH & Co KG. The demo-system is the basic model from EOS which has recently been improved still further. Specialists in additive manufacturing processes, EOS will also be presenting the metal system EOSINT M 280. This can be used, for example, for producing tooling cores for injection molding. The technology allows optimized cooling channels to be realized during the production process with a precision that would not be possible using conventional production methods such as drilling. The faster heat dissipation from the work-piece reduces the length of production runs and cuts down on waste while lowering unit costs. In addition, thanks to the reduced production times for the tooling cores, it is possible to further cut the ever more significant ‘time-to-market’.

Luboš Rozkošný, Managing director at Innomia, states: “We have been partnering with EOS for many years and are happy to showcase with them at K-fair the full potential additive manufacturing (AM) can offer for tooling. Under the AM enabled conformal cooling concept we can create cooling channels driven by the shape of a cavity, and not by a drilling machine, with clear and proven advantages in terms of plastic process quality. Additionally we offer among our services tool insert repair with EOS technology and as such are able to offer a true value add to our customers.”

Luc Uytterhaeghe, Managing Director at PEP, adds: „We truly believe that AM is a game changer for the entire tooling industry and are more than happy to be EOS partner at the most important plastic tradeshow this year, the K fair. Our experiences, after eight years with the EOS technology, show that conformal cooling can help to reduce cycle times in injection molding by up to 30 percent. This value can be increased for a process which is using hot and cool system. It can considerably improve part quality through mold optimization, at the same time reducing considerably warpage and distorsion. As such, the technology enables us to meet the most demanding challenges of our customers.”

About Innomia
Innomia a.s. was established in 2006 in Jaroměř, in The Czech Republic, with the objective to target Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering & 3D scanning technologies. The core business of Innomia is the design and development of both plastic and metal parts. Thanks to up-to-date technologies like Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Innomia has been focusing over the years on manufacturing molds with Conformal Cooling, offering professional project management oriented on quality, short delivery times and competitive advantages for the customers. Based on a 7 years’ experience in AM technologies like Plastic Laser Sintering, Innomia is able to offer very flexible delivery performance along the complete manufacturing chain, from prototypes to serial parts in production.

About PEP – Technical Center of Plastics Engineering
PEP is the technical centre of innovation in plastics and composites industry specialized in thermoplastics injection. It was founded in 1989 by Rhône-Alpes’ industrialists, with the support of the profession and government. PEP’s mission is to provide to the industrialists of the Plastics sector means, expertise and services with high added value. PEP offers R&D activities (collaborative projects or private contract), benefits (business services) and industrial diffusion. Its skills are based around five main areas of expertise: design and simulation of parts and processes, injection process and tools, thermoplastics and composites materials, plastronics and hybrid products. Five themes (or Programs Lines) animate the PEP’s R&D: Optimal design, Advanced Tools, Polymers recycling, micro systems on plastics and hybrid products. At the heart of Plastics Valley, with an annual sales of 8 M€ in 2012 (50% R&D) and a staff of 80 experts, PEP industrials technological facilities are available to a network of customers and partners (Matériautech, Plastics EcoDesign Center, Plastipolis).

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