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Kickstarter Hit By Lightning!

New fast UV DLP 3D printer named Lightning seeks funding on Kickstarter.

The Lightning uses a UV light source and prints details up to 62 microns with a printing speed of 3,8cm per hour. Lightning 3D is using a special technique to speed up the printing process. The 3D Printer exposes each layer twice. The build platform moves with the object while DLP stops exposing.


As the company explains the process:

ddb9c519832fa22acbf825328364a335_originalDuring the process of SLA printing background light from the projector during the peel cycle can impair the quality of printed parts and cause the resin to gel in unintended places, in extreme circumstances this can lead to damage to the bottom of the resin vat and print failure.

Lightning avoids these problems, its LED light source is switched during the peel cycle, this is more efficient, extends the lifespan of the LED and helps to maintain high quality printing during large prints and over the lifespan of the printer.

Here are some print examples:

You can preorder the Lightning on Kickstarter starting at 1.450£, around 1.900$.

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