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Kickstarter project: TOPPOSH Solvent to enable easy post-processing

TOPPOSH is an indispensable tool for 3D printing. With special chemical solvents, it provides fast and uniform polishing of PLA and ABS prints, and in combination with heating and atomization, the results are even better.

To improve post-processing for 3D printing enthusiasts, TOPPOSH has developed a special solvent that provides fast and effective polishing of PLA and ABS. This solvent is a mixture of acetone, alkanes and various stabilizers and can soften both materials without deforming the models. By using heat as a catalyst, the layer lines melt and fuse quickly to create a perfectly smooth surface.

Models polished with TOPPOSH no longer have layer lines, while all the intricate details of the model are preserved. For larger models, a longer polishing time is recommended, but generally no more than 20 minutes to avoid over-polishing.

Although solvent vapors produce more consistent polishing results than soaking, the vapor produced by heating alone tends to produce inconsistent results. That’s why the design team added an atomizer to the lid that sprays the solvent mist from the top. This allows the solvent molecules to fill the entire tank more evenly, smoothing out every crevice and corner of the model.

Picture: TOPPOSH

The design of the model tray is also a big help when using TOPPOSH with some complex designs. By using the tray, direct contact with the solvent or the surface of the model can be avoided, providing additional protection for the model. For even more versatility, there are brackets on both sides of the tray from which the model can be suspended with fishing line or wire for a better top-to-bottom finish.

The interior of the TOPPOSH is 334*203.5*185mm (13.5*8*7.3 inches), but larger models can be handled with ease. When smaller models need to be processed, they can be processed in one batch to save time and material.

Picture: TOPPOSH

Maintenance of the TOPPOSH is also kept simple. The tub and inner tank are made of high-quality stainless steel and can be easily removed and washed. TOPPOSH is available in 220V and 110V versions, so different power plugs and voltages will be available for different countries.

TOPPOSH Solvent is now fully funded. If you want to learn more about the project, click here.

You can find out more about the Creative First Company here.

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