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KTM uses GENERA G2/F2 system and Loctite 3D printing material to improve suspension component for motorcycles

KTM, an Austrian manufacturer of motorcycles and sports cars, was able to improve a certain clamping part for the rear suspension of the Duke and RC 390 using the GENERA G2/F2 system and a Loctite 3D printing material. An improvement for this component had been on the horizon for a long time, but the company had not yet found a suitable system at last.

KTM were looking for a solution to improve a specific clamping component used on the rear suspension system on the Duke and RC 390 Bike. This component is used to mount a part of the performance suspension from WP Suspensions. The KTM Technologies team knew that a more traditional manufacturing method such as injection molding would simply be too expensive given the small series production.

The solution

KTM found that leveraging additive manufacturing with the GENERA G2/F2 system was the best fit for their production goals. After evaluating the Loctite 3D printing materials portfolio, KTM determined that Loctite 3D 3843 HDT60 High Toughness Matte Black was the best solution to meet part requirements. This material offers the characteristic of a high strength engineering plastic, similar to ABS, with good impact resistance and excellent surface finish.


By leveraging 3D Printing and the additive process, KTM Technologies were able to create a cost-effective solution using LOCTITE 3D 3843 HDT60 High Toughness Matte Black that was registered on the International Material Data System (IMDS), the automobile industry’s material data system used by majority of OEMs across the globe. With this system, all materials are collected and archived, to ensure automotive manufacturers and suppliers are meeting all standards, laws, and regulations. By securing a registration from IMDS, the visibility for 3D printing in automotive production sharply increases, highlighting it’s potential as a cost-effective, compliant, and agile solution to small series production. Using GENERA printing technology and LOCTITE material, the part designed was among the first IMDS listed and end-use approved automotive parts manufactured with photopolymer technology.

Learn more at: www.loctiteam.com.

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