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Land Space and BLT revolutionize space travel with 3D printing technology

On January 19, 2024, Land Space set a historic milestone with the successful debut of its ZQ-3 VTVL-1 rocket, a reusable vertical take-off and landing (VTVL) system. This test confirmed the efficiency of the overall vertical recovery concept of the reusable liquid oxygen-methane rocket first stage.

The successful test underlines the correctness of the versatile variable thrust system, the compatibility of the rocket control system with the thrust adjustment characteristics, the precision of the guidance and control scheme during the landing phase and the reliable performance of the rocket’s soft landing pad.

A key factor in the success of this mission was the extensive support provided by BLT, who contributed their expertise in metal additive manufacturing technology. The collaboration enabled the acquisition of important experimental data and cemented Land Space’s leadership in key technologies for reusable liquid oxygen-methane rockets.

Since 2019, Land Space has been working closely with BLT to take advantage of metal 3D printing technology in the manufacture of components for liquid oxygen methane rockets. BLT’s experience in custom product manufacturing and structural optimization design, coupled with a robust technical research and development framework, accelerated component production, reduced production costs and improved Land Space’s development performance.

“To better meet the technical demands of our engine, we chose metal 3D printing technology for the production of critical components with exacting quality standards. Recognizing BLT as a frontrunner in additive technology solutions, and excelling in metal 3D printing services, equipment, and powders, we decided to cooperate with BLT. BLT played a crucial role in reducing production time, expediting deliveries, and supporting our rapid development iterations.”

BLT delivered a batch of high-quality components on time, characterized by efficient automated processes and high-quality powder. These played a critical role in the successful launch of the VTVL-1 test. Land Space praises the partnership with BLT and is optimistic about further cooperation in the aerospace sector.

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