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Launzer and Kalevala Launch 3D Printed Jewellery

The two Finnish companies announced their partnership to offer Kalevala’s jewellery designs on the e-marketplace for 3D printed products, Launzer.

The Startup behind Launzer, 3D Online Factory Ltd, has already gained over 30 partners in and outside Finland, who will launch their 3D printable products within the next few months. Among the companies Launzer is partnering with are UK’s largest commercial TV-channel ITV and American Warner Brothers.

Now customers have the opportunity to download selected pieces of Kalevala’s jewellery and 3D print them on their own 3D printers or order the products from the Belgium-based 3D printing service i.materialise.

Kari Voutila, CEO o 3D Online Factory: “We are especially happy about this collaboration and of the open-minded approach that Kalevala Jewelry has taken to 3D printing. The way Kalevala Jewelry is bringing their classic designs to Launzer is a great realization of the opportunities in 3D printing, where commonly jewels manufactured in metal can experience a new life in new colors and materials.”

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“We have always been at the forefront of productional jewelry manufacturing by developing and utilizing unique manufacturing methods such as nanotechnology, computer aided ring design and 3D printing as part of our jewelry manufacturing for over 15 years – without forgetting our Finnish handcraft know-how, which we have successfully combined with cutting-edge technology as a functioning ensemble”, said Kalevala Jewelry’s director of manufacturing Terja Pelkonen.

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