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LCS and Create it REAL launch 3D printed seating solutions in the UK and Ireland

LCS, a specialist in seating solutions, has announced a partnership with Create it REAL, a leading provider of 3D printing technologies, to offer customized 3D printed seating products to customers in Ireland and the UK. The first product to be introduced as part of this collaboration is a customizable seat that can be optionally equipped with the WheelAir ventilation system.

The launch of the 3D printed seating solutions, including the WheelAir ventilation system, is planned for exhibitions in 2024, starting with the Arab Health Exhibition on January 30.

The founder and owner of LCS, Luke Conway, explains why the Programmable Foam seating with WheelAir is considered a high-end product for the hot climate: “Heat and moisture are one of the contributing factors to decubitus ulcers, 3D-printed cushions allow heat and moisture to be drawn away from the skin easily. When we add WheelAir to the cushion we create an active airflow through the cushion which provides a cooling effect for the cushion user. The 3D-printed gyroid structure is perfect for distributing the air evenly so the temperature remains constant and the skin is non-humid.”

LCS currently produces individual seating solutions using the latest robot milling technology, whereby different pressure areas are realized by cutting and gluing different foam densities. The partnership now enables LCS to produce fully 3D printed seating systems as well as integrate 3D printed pressure-relieving areas into carved foam systems. This hybrid system ensures active airflow in carved foam seats and backs, with user comfort at the forefront.

The CEO of Create it REAL, Jacob Nissen, looks forward to introducing the solution to the UK and Irish markets: “Programmable Foam is not just an alternative to traditional foam but represents a unique capability to produce seating with implemented softness and hardness zones to fit the user’s pressure and positional needs. It is not only a replacement for traditional foam but an enrichment with new features such as improved airflow, washability, fire resistance, and pressure distribution unlike anything else.” He continues, “I am enthusiastic about the introduction to the UK and Irish markets and am happy to welcome LCS as a high-value partner keen to welcome the digital transformation and take their products to the next level.”

LCS will establish a local print center to meet the demand for 3D printed seating products in the UK and Ireland. Retailers in the region will have access to an online portal that will allow them to upload their own designs or choose from a range of pre-made cushions that can be tailored to their customers’ printing and positioning needs.

This initiative marks an important step towards a digital transformation, from waste-producing subtractive manufacturing to sustainable, waste-free additive manufacturing.

Luke Conway explains, “We all have a responsibility to consider how we produce and use resources, and for LCS, it is a natural choice to be a frontrunner both in technology and regarding comfortable solutions for the users. In the 3D printed material, we see characteristics that surpass what we can achieve with traditional materials.”

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