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Lostboyslab invest in 80 new 3D printers from Prusa Research

Lostboyslab today announced that they ordered 80 new FDM 3D printers from Prusa Research. The new printers will be joining the current fleet of 140 printers in the 3D print farm Alpha Zero of Lostboyslab in the south coast of Sweden.

Lostboyslab sees increasing demand for its 3D printing services especially with recycled and bio derived materials and IS now adding more manufacturing capability to its current fleet of 3D printers. The new investment will almost double the capacity for FDM printing The new 3D printers are both the Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ and i3 the upcoming Original Prusa XL.

With more than 200 printers in one single location the 3D print farm Lostboyslab Alpha Zero is today one of the largest additive manufacturing sites in Europe.

“Our printers are gaining ground in industrial applications and we are happy that with their quality and reliability they will easily succeed in the competition of incomparably more expensive printers.” Josef Prusa, Founder and CEO of Prusa Research


“The FDM 3D printers from Prusa research have just been proven over and over again that they are the most reliable machines and with the open material system, very suitable for additive manufacturing with all recycled and sustainable material we develop together with our partners.” Stefan Larsson, Founder and CEO of Lostboyslab.

More information: https://lostboyslab.com/

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