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Lucid Motors becomes the 500th customer of PostProcess Technologies

PostProcess Technologies, a provider of automated post-processing solutions for additive manufacturing, has won its 500th customer, the EV car company Lucid Motors in California.

Since its founding, PostProcess Technologies has steadily advanced post-processing in the field of additive manufacturing. The company’s solutions are particularly in demand in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe, as they meet safety, efficiency, consistency and scalability requirements that cannot be achieved with manual post-processing. The company’s largest customer is a technology giant that uses 19 PostProcess solutions in five different additive labs.

Lucid Motors has purchased PostProcess’ largest resin removal solution, the DEMI 4100. This will be combined with Lucid’s large format NEO 800 SLA printers. The DEMI 4100 will allow Lucid to optimize its resin removal workflow and significantly reduce the use of hazardous solvents such as isopropanol (IPA).

“It is rewarding to reach this important milestone and we are grateful for our customers’ continued input, support and trust,” said Jeff Mize, CEO of PostProcess Technologies. “This achievement is a testament to the dedication of our team and the transformative impact of our technology in the additive manufacturing industry.”

PostProcess’ software-driven solutions utilize advanced algorithms and machine learning to deliver unmatched results in post-processing of support structures, resin removal and surface finishing. By automating traditionally labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks, the company enables manufacturers to speed up production cycles, improve product quality, reduce operating costs and create a safer working environment.

The majority of PostProcess customers currently use the solutions for prototyping applications. With the increasing use of additive manufacturing in production applications, the growth of automated post-processing solutions will be further accelerated. The company is also planning to expand into the APAC market and introduce a new technology for coarse de-powdering. These measures, along with other growth strategies, position PostProcess Technologies for rapid expansion of its highly satisfied, reputable customer base.

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