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Maker presents free drawers for every desk from the 3D printer

3D printing enthusiast Claude Godard has published a set of files for 3D printed drawers that can be mounted under almost any desk. The files for free download on the Thingiverse or Printables platforms contain components for a modular drawer system.

According to Godard, the drawers are perfect for retrofitting existing desks thanks to their compact design. The set includes single, double and triple drawers in two sizes. The drawers can be extended as required with additional components and can also be stacked.

For printing, the developer recommends the use of support structures in order to form clean overhangs. The drawers should be positioned upside down on the printing plate. The moving parts can then be released from the support structures by gently tapping them.

The set was developed and tested over 500 hours of printing. According to Godard, compact 3D printers with installation spaces from 20x20x20 cm are also suitable for production. Thanks to a clever arrangement, the complete construction of a drawer tower fits on the printing surface of standard desktop 3D printers.

The Maker has now also published a second set of drawers. People who want to use the files commercially should contact Godard.

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