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MakerBot Releases Updates for Mobile and Desktop Software

MakerBot has rolled out a series of software updates last week: MakerBot Desktop 3.5 and Firmware version 1.6 as well as MakerBot Mobile 2.0.

MakerBot Desktop 3.5 now includes an auto-update feature, so after downloading the latest version you won’t have to check for updates anymore. The Firmware will still require manual updates however.

Additionally the new desktop version is equipped with an updated Device Preferences Panel and the ability to adjust the temperature on the Smart Extruder in Print Settings.

Shortly after releasing MakerBot Mobile 1.0 for Android users, the new version 2.0 is available for iOS devices and enables users to start, cancel and monitor 3D prints from anywhere on their 3G- or 4G-connected wireless device.



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