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MakerVerse Announces 2023 Growth Plans

MakerVerse, the platform for sourcing industrial parts, is expanding its advanced manufacturing offering this year through extended partnerships with industry leaders, enhanced enterprise integration, and new serial production capabilities.

“In the past year, our platform gained enormous traction with everyone from scaling startups to multi- national corporations. What all these companies had in common is the need for fast, reliable, industrial- quality parts,” said Dr. Markus Seibold, CEO of MakerVerse. “We’re looking forward to making that even easier for companies of all sizes.”

MakerVerse provides a platform with AI-powered instant quotes combined with a vetted, global supply chain. Now, MakerVerse expanded this premium supply chain to offer CNC machining capabilities.

In addition to the on-demand business, MakerVerse announced they also provide the extra expertise for serial production orders. Experts will work closely with customers to develop, align, and supervise the entire manufacturing and quality plan from start to finish. This level of proficiency provides guaranteed, repeatable quality for sophisticated projects.

“We’ve further developed our supply chains to now also successfully handle the most complex production orders,” said Ward Ripmeester, chief operations officer of MakerVerse. “We work with the best manufacturing partners, all fully vetted, to bring industrial quality to all our customers.”

Expanding Partnerships

MakerVerse works closely with industry-leading partners to provide quality parts. In 2023, MakerVerse will build upon these partnerships and expand its offering.

Some of these partnerships include:

  • EOS, a leading supplier of responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology, and MakerVerse collaborate to build EOS’ Contract Manufacturing Network connecting end customers with AM production partners. This network, powered by the MakerVerse partner hub, makes ordering parts easy and reliable.
  • ZEISS, an internationally leading technology enterprise in the fields of optics and optoelectronics, offers a wide range of dimensional, surface, and material property-related inspection reports to users on the MakerVerse platform.
  • Siemens, the technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare, integrated MakerVerse into its’ AM Network, a digital order-to-delivery platform for industrial additive manufacturing.

This year, MakerVerse plans more partnerships to accelerate the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies.

Enhanced Integration for Enterprises

Large organizations depend on MakerVerse for reliable parts made from various manufacturing technologies. This year, MakerVerse will make it even easier for organizations to get the needed parts.

The MakerVerse platform will offer connections to unite ERP systems with MakerVerse. Enterprises will be able to place purchases and Requests for Quotations (RFQs) from ERP systems to make ordering more convenient and improve collaboration.

Furthermore, MakerVerse will provide joint company accounts that different team members can use to increase collaboration and transparency.

Everything From On-Demand to Serial Production

The MakerVerse platform is capable of everything from rapid prototypes out of polymers to complex metal parts used in rockets.

The platform makes it easy to quickly order on-demand parts thanks to instant quotes and short lead times. Now, MakerVerse is expanding its offering to include production orders. For complicated and complex projects, MakerVerse’s team of experts offers in-depth knowledge and complete advanced manufacturing plans.

This flexibility for both fast, reliable parts and complex production orders has proven invaluable to companies. For example, Hopper Mobility, a startup innovating urban mobility, works with MakerVerse to prepare for the serial production of its sustainable vehicles.

“We liked that MakerVerse offered various manufacturing technologies and materials,” said Martin Halama, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Hopper Mobility. “All these options in one platform made things very easy for us.”

Expanding with CNC Machining

Companies need the ability to choose from a wide range of advanced industrial manufacturing technologies, depending on their use case. Now, MakerVerse expanded its additive manufacturing offering to also include CNC machining for its customers.

This computer-controlled manufacturing method offers highly-accurate parts made from a range of materials. Customers can choose the manufacturing technology that best fits their needs, all in one platform.

Looking ahead to the rest of the year, customers needing advanced manufacturing capabilities will benefit from extended partnerships, enhanced enterprise integration, and new serial production capabilities. More announcements will be forthcoming.

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