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Shanghai Hanbang United 3D Tech Co., Ltd. is an international division of Guangdong Hanbang 3D Technology Co., Ltd., which is a fast-growing manufacturer of metal 3D printers in China, known as H3D or HBD, providing proprietary SLM equipment, industrial solutions, and 3D-print services. Since its pioneers stepped into the metal 3D printing industry in 2007, H3D has obtained more than 60 technical patents, 9 software copyrights, a fairly good market share and proudly public praise in industries of aerospace, automobile, molding, dentistry, orthopedics, education and research, etc. In addition, H3D is connected to the most influential Chinese experts and market resources of additive manufacturing. We value our partners and customers as interest-based community. Now, contact us and see what we can do for you.