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Materialise Launches 3-matic STL 10.0 Software

Materialise announced the launch of the innovative and flexible software tool 3-maticSTL 10.0. It offers extended texture and patterning possibilities, such as new positioning options, as well as advanced control over the thickness and porosity of lightweight structures.

In addition, this release encompasses point-based and contour scan strategies for structures that can be passed to the Build Processor, a communication system that integrates AM software directly with 3D printers. These solutions are part of the Materialise platform that guides the user through the entire AM process, from idea to finalized part.

Users can also perform more sophisticated analyses thanks to an improved link to FEA. With these advancements, engineers can more easily explore new modeling possibilities without the restrictions of conventional design and manufacturing.

Key features and improvements allow the user to:

  • Design structures with a gradient thickness, that is linear or image-based
  • Calculate the structure’s porosity and define a good set of parameters
  • Validate the structures by creating a compatible FEA structure model and export to FEA
  • Improve the mesh quality by a single click
  • Design a random pattern based on the mesh, or try out the new spiral pattern
  • Control the texturing and patterning alignment with the new easy align tools
  • Export buildable STL files or complex designs in other file formats, for point or contour scanning in AM machines

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