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Mcor Technologies Brings High Definition Colour to 3D printing

Manufacturer of paper 3D printing systems, Mcor, introduces the Mcor IRIS HD, providing 360°C high-definition colour, sharpening details and reducing operating costs by 20 percent.

Mcor is currently demonstrating its new Mcor IRIS HD at the RAPID 2015 conference in California. Built on new algorithms and a newly designed carbide cutting tip, Mcor IRIS HD makes full-color detail and text on 3D printed models crisper than ever to deliver a photorealistic appearance around the full geometry of the model and better communication of granular information.

Because the new system uses less ink and the tip lasts longer, it delivers a 20-percent reduction in the cost to 3D print a model.

Crisply defined color and rock-bottom operating costs are critical for manufacturers, schools, service bureaus, architectural firms and others who need to 3D print a high number of realistic models,” said Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies. “Our SDL (Selective Deposition Lamination) paper-based 3D printing technology has always offered the industry’s highest-resolution color at the lowest operating costs. Now, with IRIS HD, we’re providing even greater access to truly photorealistic color 3D printing.”

Mcor IRIS HD is available now for new and existing owners of Mcor 3D printers.



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