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Meltio and 3D Phoenix open up the Polish market for metal 3D printing

3D Phoenix, a leading provider of additive manufacturing solutions, has announced a partnership with Meltio, a manufacturer of disruptive laser material deposition processes for metal 3D printing. This cooperation aims to establish and support Meltio’s innovative metal 3D printing solutions on the Polish market. Meltio’s technology enables industrial applications through a process based on welding wire – the safest, cleanest and most cost-effective metal feedstock on the market.

3D Phoenix will focus on building a supportive ecosystem for Meltio’s technology in Poland by fostering partnerships with technology centers, machine tool companies, robotics integrators, academic institutions and industry. The market for wire-based laser metal 3D printing in Poland, traditionally characterized by conventional machining processes, shows a growing tendency to integrate new technologies, especially in the field of 3D printing.

“We are excited about our emerging partnership with Meltio, as this is a landmark moment for the Polish industry. Whether our customer is looking for a conventional 3D metal printer or a printing system integrated with a CNC machine that seamlessly combines addition and subtraction processes, utilizing the best aspects of both technologies; or prefers integration with a robotic arm for greater freedom in creating large, complex parts and innovative exterior coatings – with Meltio we will fit any of these scenarios. This technology opens up entirely new possibilities in the production of metal parts.” – Rafał Pancewicz, Business Development Director at 3D Phoenix

Tomasz Garniec, Meltio country manager in Poland says: “As a Meltio team, we are happy that our already long efforts to find a good partner in Poland have finally ended in success. 3D Phoenix represents a business that fits well with our philosophy. The Lomianki-based company is an experienced supplier of additive devices but focuses on engineering and industrial solutions. Poland, as an economy of nearly 40 million people in the central-eastern part of Europe, has a developed economy in which we find huge mining companies, big production in the automotive sector, a large defense production sector, but also heavy industry, which is largely based on foundry engineering. Poland has been one of the world’s major players in industrial metalworking for many years – so it’s a good place for Meltio to grow”.

This partnership underlines the potential of the Polish market for additive manufacturing and signals a growing interest in advanced manufacturing technologies in the region.

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