Home Applications & Case Studies MHOX Design Unveils Concept of 3D Printed Virtual Reality Mask

MHOX Design Unveils Concept of 3D Printed Virtual Reality Mask

Product design Studio MHOX focuses on generative design and 3D printing technologies to create innovative wearable products, delivering both disruptive concepts and commercial products for various industries.

Among their latest creations and part of the Carapace project fashion brand is the Carpace mask, a VR mask with integrated virtual reality visor.

“The environment itself is now embedded in the product, a prosthesis that extends the potential of the human body to the exploration of multiple possible virtual worlds“, MHOX explains.

The concept of a 3D printed mask integrates a virtual reality visor, headphones and BCI (Brain Computer Interface) sensors. It provides an immersive experience based on symbiotic interaction between the device and the user. Based on neurological information, the virtual experience of the individual can be altered, reacting to personal sensations. Visual or auditive streams can be adjusted to different mental states. Software developers would be able to create sensitive environments that feel the user’s sensations and react accordingly. The 3D printable design allows for customisation of the mask to the wearer’s head.

“A new biodigital identity is defined. It emphasizes the deep influence of technology in the relations with other people and the environment, to the point of shaping another possible evolution of the human body.”

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