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Modix presents new high-speed extruder and slicer

Israeli 3D printer manufacturer Modix has unveiled two major innovations for large-format 3D printing: An extruder that is six times faster and optimized slicer software.

According to Modix, the new “Griffin Ultra” extruder achieves an extrusion rate of up to 500 grams per hour. Thanks to a 1.6 mm nozzle, significantly thicker layers can be printed. This reduces printing times for large objects to a fraction compared to conventional 0.6 mm nozzles.

With the same component thickness, the number of layers is reduced to a third. The speed for solid material and outline paths increases by a factor of 2.6. In total, this results in up to six times faster 3D printing.

The second innovation is the Modix Slicer, a modified version of the open-source PrusaSlicer. It offers optimized functions for large-format IDEX printing with separate extruders. Modix has announced a closed beta test phase for the new slicer. It will then be made available to the public free of charge.

“We are once again pushing the boundaries for large-format 3D printing and have more innovations in the pipeline,” explain Modix CEOs Shachar Gafni and John Van El, adding that the company intends to continue driving ecosystem development forward.

The innovations for high-speed and more productive IDEX printing at large dimensions are aimed at industrial users and service providers.

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