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n3D Biosciences Helps Researchers Create In Vitro Breast Cancer Model

A team of scientists at the Texas Medical Center has made a breakthrough in breast cancer research by using Nano3D’s Bioprinting technology. 

Using the Bio-Assembler to magnetically levitate cell cultures, researchers were able to replicate an in vitro model of a tumor. According to Dr. Glauco Souza, n3D president and chief science officer, these results signify a crucial breakthrough in studying cancer cells outside the body and developing new treatments.

The research data suggests that the proposed 3D in vitro breast tumor is advantageous due to the ability to: (1) form large-sized (millimeter in diameter) breast tumor models within 24 h; (2) control tumor cell composition and density; (3) accurately mimic the in vivo tumor microenvironment; and (4) test drug efficiency in an in vitro model that is comparable to in vivo tumors.

The study “Three Dimensional In Vitro Co-Culture Model of Breast Tumor Using Magnetic Levitation” was published in the Scientific Reports Journal.


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