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New 3D Print Platform Formide to Launch in November

Dutch startup Printr is gearing up to release its consumer 3D printing platform Formide. The new cloud based web platform will introduce new ways to create customized content and enable consumers to model & print directly without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Rather than focusing on people who have experience creating 3D models Formide has been designed to offer something for every creative person. The platform introduces apps as a new way of creating content and comes with an API which helps content creators from every industry to easily release their own app to the platform.

App owners are invited to get into contact with Printr to get help creating and releasing apps for the Formide platform. Talented modelers may also apply if they have an idea for their own app.

Formide introduces many exciting features like automated healing, repairing and positioning of 3D models. Other features include direct streaming to 3D printers, a highly secured cloud powered system and an interface that anyone can understand and use.

Future updates will include the option to completely operate your 3D printer from any web enabled device and a disruptive new slicer that completely changes the way we think about slicer engines.

More information will soon follow through the Formide website & Social media channels.


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