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New AMIS Pro slicing software for binder jetting 3D printing

Software manufacturer AMIS, a subsidiary of HYBRID Software, has released the first beta version of its new AMIS Pro slicing software for the binder jetting process in 3D printing. The platform offers functions for component positioning and alignment as well as batch processing including height and material settings.

In the current version, users can load, scale and align components in a virtual print space. The software then enables the objects to be sliced into 2D layers, including the specification of layer heights and material parameters. The finished print job can then be transferred to the machine.

Thanks to integration with sister company Meteor Inkjet, data transfer to the print heads is optimized. The company, which specializes in industrial inkjet systems, counts many leading 3D printer manufacturers among its customers.

According to AMIS CEO Nick De Roeck, AMIS Pro will be continuously developed with the help of customer feedback and artificial intelligence. Collaboration with OEM partners is also on the agenda in order to adapt the software to their specific requirements.

In the free public beta, interested users can test the software for 60 days and make suggestions for improvements.

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