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New assistance system makes 3D concrete printing even more efficient and user-friendly

With 3D MATCONTROL, PERI 3D Construction introduces a new assistance system to the market that considerably simplifies and further automates work on 3D printing construction sites. In 3D concrete printing, the properties of the building materials used must be matched to the external influences in order to achieve perfect results. This is not a challenge in controllable environments such as a closed hall. However, according to PERI 3D Construction, 3D concrete printing technology only unfolds its full potential for the construction industry when used directly on the construction site. And here, conditions such as air temperature, humidity and precipitation can hardly be controlled. Therefore, the settings must be regularly readjusted during the printing process.

This is precisely where the newly developed 3D MATCONTROL solution comes in. The system adds a large number of sensors to the 3D printer, which continuously check various values relating to the properties of the material and the ambient conditions on the construction site. These values are output on a digital dashboard and can be displayed on a tablet or smartphone. Thanks to the cloud connection, the data can be accessed around the clock – and storage for construction documentation can also be fully automated via the system.

For the team on site, the data provides a previously unseen insight into the printing process. The transparency gained makes it easy to adapt various values to the conditions in order to achieve consistent results over the entire course of the printing project. For example, as ambient temperatures rise, the addition of water can be increased so that the material has the ideal moisture and extrusion properties at all times. 3D MATCONTROL also completely takes over the control of some values – for example, to control the water inflow, it is no longer necessary for a worker to stand at the silo mixing pump and make the setting manually. The value is simply entered via the digital interface and automatically implemented by the assistance system. The system also increases safety on the construction site: If the pressure in the hose exceeds certain limits, warnings are first issued and the silo mixing pump is automatically switched off if necessary.

The new assistance system is also intended to make it easier for construction companies to get started with 3D concrete printing technology. While the operation of the 3D printer and the corresponding planning processes can be learned within a few weeks, a certain amount of practical experience has proven its worth when used on the construction site under changing conditions. With the help of 3D MATCONTROL, even inexperienced teams should now be able to react more easily to fluctuating conditions on the construction site and achieve consistently good results from the very first project.

Easy access to 3D concrete printing technology is an important concern for PERI 3D Construction. The fact that productivity in construction has hardly increased for many years, coupled with the growing shortage of skilled workers and the ever-increasing demand for housing, is a clear signal for the company that the industry urgently needs new approaches and innovation. For this reason, PERI 3D Construction would like to invite construction companies to get involved with 3D concrete printing technology today in order to benefit from the potential of this innovative construction method as early as possible.

PERI 3D Construction GmbH is a subsidiary of PERI SE, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of formwork and scaffolding solutions. With a turnover of 1,846 million euros in 2022 and the company headquarters in Weißenhorn, Bavaria, PERI serves its customers with innovative system equipment and comprehensive services. As a subsidiary, PERI 3D Construction sells 3D printing technology from the Danish machine manufacturer COBOD. In addition, PERI 3D Construction develops and sells technical equipment as part of a comprehensive overall solution and supports its customers in the planning, approval and implementation of 3D-printed buildings. With ten construction projects realized using the 3D concrete printing process in Europe and the USA, the company believes that the innovative technology is ready for widespread use on modern construction sites.

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