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New software tool converts 3D print formats to ISO standard

The US companies Avante Technology and Mind in a Box have published a software solution for converting common 3D printing file formats such as STL into the ISO standard format AMF (Additive Manufacturing Format).

According to the manufacturer, the application called AMFsample, which is available as open source code, enables the ISO standard interface to be easily integrated into existing 3D printing software tools. Thanks to automated format conversion and validation, it should be possible to achieve higher print quality and efficiency in production.

Compared to common formats such as STL, AMF offers a range of additional functionalities, including the mapping of different materials, multi-color or metadata for versioning and rights management. As an open ISO standard, AMF can also be extended and is being actively developed by the additive manufacturing industry.

According to Avante Technology, over 30 ISO standards for 3D printing already recommend the use of AMF. Avante and Mind in a Box are now aiming to further simplify integration by providing a sample source code free of charge. The final version should be available for download in early 2024.

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