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NinjaTek releases new long-life timing belts

When you are working for a longer time with the same 3D printer you may know the problem: After months or years of hard work for your 3D printer the belts get worse and layer shifting may occur. To fix the problem you have to buy a new belt – maybe one made by NinjaTek. The company has released new long-life high torque belts for 3D printers.

NinjaTek is part of Fenner Precision, a producer of parts for conventional 2D printer with over 30 years of experience. Until now they have only sold filament with the name NinjaTek but now the start selling three different sorts of belts and fuser rollers too. Depending on your use case you can choose one sort of filament for your 3D printer. Information which belt has which advantages is available on the company’s website.

Fenner Precision has supplied high quality products to printer manufacturers globally for over 30 years. With our new NinjaTek line, we can further expand our capabilities in the 3D printing market space with a brand that offers quality and performance.

The quality and performance of Fenner Precision products, recognized globally in the printing market, aligns well with the NinjaTek 3D printing materials products to offer a more comprehensive 3D solutions portfolio

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