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Norsk Titanium develops nickel-based superalloy for US Navy applications

Norsk Titanium, an aerospace structural titanium additive manufacturing company utilizing its patented Rapid Plasma Deposition (RPD) technology, announces the development of Inconel 625 for U.S. Navy applications. In collaboration with Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc (BPMI), Norsk Titanium has adapted its industrialized RPD process for Inconel 625.

Inconel 625, a nickel alloy, is used in U.S. Navy applications that require high strength and corrosion resistance. BPMI is developing new manufacturing processes for Inconel 625 to realize cost savings and time benefits for its customers, as well as to create alternative sources of supply for critical materials.

As part of this effort, Norsk Titanium and BPMI are working to develop the deposition parameters and heat treatment process required to produce additively manufactured Inconel 625 with material properties equivalent to traditional castings and forgings.

“This initial effort is an important first step in opening the nickel superalloy market to our additive process,” said Nicholas Mayer Norsk Titanium Vice President of Commercial. “We look forward to taking the learning from this effort, and applying it to specific Naval applications,” added Mr. Mayer.

Norsk Titanium recently announced qualification and production milestones in its core market, commercial aerospace titanium. The addition of nickel superalloys and marine applications is a key part of Norsk Titanium’s long-term growth strategy.

The development of Inconel 625 for maritime applications marks a significant step in expanding the application areas of additive manufacturing technologies. It underlines the potential of RPD technology to complement or replace traditional manufacturing processes not only in aerospace, but also in other demanding industries.

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