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OBI 0.5 – Bike Project to Design DIY 3D Printed Bicycle

Industrial design students Stef de Groot and Paul De Medeiros from Amsterdam, are currently designing the first 3D printed open source bicycle as part of “The Bike Project“.

Dubbed OBI 0.5, the open bicycle consists of several parts that can be printed with a common desktop 3D printer. OBI features a modular, customisable design. All 3D printable parts are created using the CAD software Autodesk Fusion 360 and once finished, the designs will be made available for anyone to improve on or change.


The team has completed a prototype of the frame back in July and is currently working on the second one. “We’re now working on improving the geometry of the bicycle, optimising the design of the frame (using less material, reducing printing time and making parts stronger/stiffer), adding a fully functional drivetrain and integrating a headset in a printed front fork,” Stef and Paul explain.

obi_3d_printed_open_source_bike2Due to the design being open source, it can be manufactured and built for just € 400. All parts can either be 3D printed or bought online. If you would like to contribute to their project in any way, just head to their website to contact them.

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